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Not! Just your Grandmother's Pearls!
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Not! Just your Grandmother's Pearls!
We Mean it!
Belle Colour®
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Belle Colour® Brings 21st century fashion to fine
Freshwater Pearl Jewelry. Crystals, garnet, citron,
amethyst and other accents, mixed with the natural
colors and shapes that only freshwater pearls can
bring you, along with our collection of timeless
classic pearl styles.
Freshwater pearls have been prized for centuries,
for their variety of shapes and colors. Classic round
to irregular shapes like Baroque and Rice Pearls.
Keshi  pearls, with shapes from cornflakes to sharks
teeth. Coin shaped pearls, button pearls, in colors
from classic white to black and all shades in between.
Belle Colour® brings excitement back to pearl jewelry, and brings it to you at affordable prices.
Take some time to view our collection and come back often to see our frequent additions of new pieces.
Classic Styles
Timeless looks that have made pearls a
jewelery mainstay throughout history.
21st Century Fashions
Pearls mixes with gemstones, crystal and
accents. From petite to statement pieces
Station Bracelets & Necklaces
Necklaces & Bracelets with pearls set spaced
on chains, by bars or by accents.
Belle Colour®   Freshwater Pearl Jewelry for the 21st Century
Not! Just your Grandmother's Pearls!